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Monday, December 12, 2005


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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Way You Move, The Way You Dance...



Our favorite Polish-Korean hipster girl Karen O (our favorite all-American hipster girl, of course, being Parker Posey) has broken up with her boyfriend Spike Jonze (aka Mr. Sophia Coppola). Let us all cry a big fat tear. Read here.

Do you know the Cartoon Network? Not that one but the one that delivers pot to you? Yeah, they got busted. And you better check -- these dudes kept a list of their customers' names. So now they're gonna get busted, too. Again, let us all cry a big fat tear. Read here. Read TSG for the criminal record. And here's the packaged goods.

I read it in Gawker that rapper Foxy Brown is almost completely deaf. No shit Sherlock. Have you heard her music? Of course she's deaf. I'd cry a big fat tear but I'm all cried out. Read here.


Erlend Oye - "Prego Amore (Jolly Music Mix)"

Erlend Oye is the mastermind behind Kings of Convenience, and that in itself says so much already. Back in 2003, the Berlin-based Norwegian released his solo EP Unrest, an outstanding display of his versatility in moody electro, subdued house, and sardonic blip-hop. Then last year, his awesome DJ Kicks compilation came out to plenty of acclaim. (I own both, as should you.) Both releases contain this track but in different mixes. But what really seals the deal for me is his voice. There's no other vocal on Earth that sounds like his -- it's sexy, shiny and soft. Jolly Music created the peppy rhythm but Oye laid the staccato vocals onto this choppy bit of retro-clash. It's not necessarily good for a dance party but trust me, you'll want to dance with someone very special very slow and very close...

the occasion is here now

Friday, December 09, 2005

I Hear "Roygbiv" In My Head Whenever I See You

Ok, I've been avoiding telling you this but I'll fess up: I took Gawker's Hipster Quiz a few days ago. The reason I've been avoiding saying anything is because I scored a 20 / 23 which makes me an "Unabashed Hipster." I really think it's more like a 19 / 23 though.

According to the test, my score proves that: "...Odds are you can’t even concentrate on this because the Bloc Party remix CD is playing through your Mac so loud. And you’re proud of it! You work in music/media/art/fashion/promotion, but the day job doesn’t stop you from going out 4-5 nights a week. You won’t touch it unless it’s an open bar. Either you’re a DJ or you’re in a band. Several of your shirts have no sleeves. For the most part, you’ve stopped eating."

Crickey! I'd like to think of myself as a culturally aware person, not a hipster. I'm NOT a hipster, I'm NOT a hipster! Back when I worked at Time Out New York, we loathed the term 'hipster' and spit on anyone who dared to call us that. So please don't hold my score against me.


- "The Word 'Hurricane'"
Air's drummer Brian Reitzell has some amazing skills. I've always thought that this piece of drumming was one of the most nuanced, and carefully planned and executed performances I've heard. It's pretty brilliant.

Blu Jemz & Roger Yamaha - "Introduction"
Blu Jemz & Roger Yamaha - "Epilogue"
These tracks are from this Brooklyn-based DJ duo's debut Rush, which is something of a fluid party mix. The first track is "Introduction" and the last track is "Epilogue" -- and sandwiched in between are 14 tracks. None of those tracks have names, but instead go by "Chapter One"... "Chapter Two"... "Chapter Three".... and so on. Since I've given you the first and last tracks, it's up to you to figure out how they go from one to the other in 14 tracks. Which means, you have to go buy the album.

u r bittersweet...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Couldn't Find You But You Found Me...

First the bad news: I'm killing off PolloxNiner. She's only a few months old but Blogger's inconsistencies are aggravating me so PolloxNiner must die here. Recently, people have been telling me that my page can only be viewed via Firefox but not so well with Safari or Internet Explorer.

Now the good news: PolloxNiner will resurface with a new URL and a new look. In the next day or so, you'll know all about it.

Fred said: "Sunny, I'm taking my friends with me to the top. Friends need to stick together. Not the fake ones but the real ones. And it'll be fun." Hmm...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Start Breaking In Those Shoes


He said to her: "If you won't do it for others, then who's gonna do it for you?"

Justin Robertson - "Love Movement (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)"


Justin Robertson
James at Headphonesex noticed that I've been revisiting Ulrich Schnauss lately and sent me two songs. Both are beautiful but Schnauss' remix of Justin Robertson's gorgeous "Love Movement" sort of stunned me and my friend Jordan into silence for a moment. Some songs, though it's rare, draw an emotional reaction out of me. This is the stuff that I really love.

Justin Robertson Presents Revtone is hard to come by in the U.S. but I guess it's more accessible in the U.K. I could buy a used CD on Amazon which I hate doing. And this stuff doesn't exist on any of those freebie download sites like Limewire. It's frustrating to be limited to U.S. releases and infrequent imports. So I'm thankful for my international buddies who keep me up to speed on all the latest and greatest.
Ulrich Schnauss
One more thing: While I was talking to my 9-year-old cousin Stephen the other day about music, he told that he doesn't know who Billy Idol is. Granted, he's of the XBox generation and Billy Idol hasn't entirely secured a solid foothold in music history the way, say, Bob Dylan has but still... should I be surprised by this?

So this for little Stephen. xo

Billy Idol - "Flesh For Fantasy (Remix)"

JW: thanks so much
JZ: make sure your feet face forward